Kiwi's New Bed

June 19, 2010

So I received the doggy bed from CSN Stores, I actually got it several days ago but was testing it out before writing my review. Before I go into my review I just want to say that CSN Stores is a great company to deal with. Having ordered from them in the past I have never had a problem and my items have always arrived quickly. With over 200 stores to shop from you are bound to find something that you want or need, so if you haven't checked out yet you should really do so.

On to the doggy bed I received from PetsByCSN. First off the bed is nice, it is a little smaller then it appeared in the picture but then again I guess I should have read the dimensions. Not that it matters Kiwi is a little runt, she weighs about 9lbs so it's the perfect size for her. I love that it matches our sofa, it's the same brown suede like material, very modern and stylish for a doggy bed. :) When I first introduced her to it she jumped out and immediately jumped onto my pillow. Chris gave me the idea to put the bed on my pillow thinking that would persuade her to lie in it. It didn't and instead this is what I found... 
Mr. Rat dozing in her bed. Since we had been keeping Kiwi's crate in our bedroom and locking her up to sleep at night after in accident she had on our bed. ( I am not even going to go there I am still so mad, Grrrrr.) I decided to move her crate and place her new bed in the same spot. Guess what it worked! She loves her bed and is sleeping in it now. When she gets caught doing things she is not suppose to do like getting into the trash all I have to say is "in your bed" and she immediately runs to her bed and plops down. I think the only issue we are going to have with this new bed is Having Mr. Rat and Kiwi fighting over it. Finally I get my side of the bed back! Thanks CSN Stores!

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