Day 2

June 01, 2010

Today didn't go as good as yesterday. Penelope didn't go all morning again and I put a diaper on her around 1:30 for her nap. When she woke up of course she had went 1 and 2 in her diaper. a couple hours later she had a little accident on the living room floor, good thing we have tile. After that she kept saying she had to go and running to her potty in the bathroom but she would just sit there singing songs and not going. Finally I asked her if she wanted to move her potty into the living room so she could watch The Berenstain Bears and she said "yes mommy yes". I put her potty in front of the TV and she sat on it while she watched. When the cartoon was all over Penelope said "all done mommy", and when she stood up her little potty was full of P. YAY! That was the last she went before I put a diaper on her for bedtime. I guess it didn't go too bad I think we are making progress despite the one accident. As for Kiwi...I am starting to think she is just dumb. ;p

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