First Bento in Alaska

November 16, 2010

Penelope loved her lunch today. She was very excited about making her own "sandwiches". She would say "cracker first, then pepperoni, then cheese. Look mommy I did it! I made a sandwich! Now I put sandwich in my belly" after each little cracker sandwich she ate. It's so fun to watch her get excited over the smallest of things.

Crackers, cheddar and colby jack squares and pepperoni and salami slices to make little cracker sandwiches. She also had two big green olives (she loves olives like her mom and dad), and I put some raisins in there to fill up the empty spaces. She just recently discovered raisins while we were staying with the grandparents. She asks for them all the time now.

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  1. You love Hello Kitty! Do you put crackers on your sandwiches!?

  2. Visiting over from The PRP! I am following you via GFC!


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