Green Juice!

August 29, 2013

It's two days in a row that Penelope ate school lunch. Yesterday they had Subway sandwiches, how could she resist that?  Today it was honey chicken over steamed rice from Pick up Stix. I asked the lunch ladies today why they did not cook hot foods there and I was told that they are not set up for it. They would need more equipment as well as special licensing. I guess it's just easier for them to order out. Although it's kinda neat that the kids get such a varied menu, I am disappointed that they are not getting homemade healthy lunches. Tomorrow is a minimum day and the kids get out at 12pm and we have a 3 day weekend. Yay Labor Day!

So I told you I was going to experiment with some juices containing spinach and I have. Yesterday I made a spinach, strawberry, and blueberry juice per my sisters suggestion. It was really yummy, just not very pretty to look at.

Here is my green juice for today.

Green Juice

2 Celery stalks
3 Apples
3 Small handfuls of spinach
1/2 Lemon
A small piece of ginger (see in photo above)

I love all the different smells from each piece of produce that you get when it is being juiced. The citrus of the lemon, grassy scent from the celery, and sweet and crisp scent from the apple. Chris however commented that spinach smells bad. This recipe made 2 glassfuls and both Chris and I enjoyed it. It was a bit sweet, a bit tart, and just a bit "green". Very refreshing with ice and also gave us a burst of energy.

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