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August 22, 2013

We are almost done with a full week of Penelope in Kindergarten, she is really enjoying it. Wednesday was her first day of chapel and she said she talked about God and danced to beautiful music and it made her cry. I asked her if anyone saw her crying but she said she hid it. Tuesday was taco/burrito day at school and she asked if she could take a lunch instead.

I made her a turkey and cheese sandwich, the K is for Kindergarten of course! She also had chippy's, strawberries, blueberries, and fruit gummies. I froze her apple juice the night before and then left it on the counter in the morning while we got ready for school. It was nice and cool when she finally drank it at lunch and it also served as an ice pack to keep her lunch cold. Yesterday was hamburger day at school so she decided to eat lunch there. Unfortunately when I picked her up she informed me that she was disappointed that there was no cheese on her burger. Today they were serving Teriyaki chicken rice bowls for lunch so she wanted to eat at school. She brought her fortune cookie home and ate it up along with the snack box I prepared for her.

Crackers, garden tomato almonds (more on these later), strawberries, cheddar cheese slices, and pepperoni.

Here is another bento I forgot to post. It was actually the first one I made in our new home. Since we live in wine country I decided to make her a lunch with things that would typically be enjoyed with a glass of wine.

Top tier: A slice of Iberico and Manchego cheese, a couple of slices of cheddar, black olives, uncured nitrate free hot salami and regular salami, and crackers. The salamis are Vons' Open Nature brand and they are sooo good. I also love them because I can eat them without getting an itchy mouth!

Bottom tier: Green and red grapes, unsalted cashews and almonds

Don't worry the goblet contains kid friendly apple juice, no wine!

On another note Penelope started ballet class yesterday. I am really excited about this class because she is now old enough to learn ballet technique and positions. There is a lot of stretching involved in the class and boy did it look difficult. She really enjoyed it though and did very well.

I am also excited that I volunteered to work in the lunch room at Penelope's school for a couple of days a week. I am so interested to see what their lunch program looks like. I will fill you in on that later...

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