What's the Same Color as a Pumpkin?

November 02, 2012

Penelope and I visited a pumpkin patch with friends a few days ago. I got some great photos of her enjoying the day.

Later that evening we got together with friends and had the kiddos paint the pumpkins they picked at the patch.

Having your little ones paint pumpkin creations is a great way to keep them busy while you do some pumpkin carving.

Here is the pumpkin I carved this year. I let Penelope draw the face on it and I cut it out. She decided after it was all said and done that she did not like the ears and proceeded to cry and say her pumpkin was ugly.
The fact that I kept calling it a pumpkin monkey did not make it any better. :)

On Halloween I took Penelope to Barnes & Noble's in store trick or treating and then we headed to our church's festival where we enjoyed a hay ride, entered a costume contest, and played some games.

Meet the newest member of our family...
Can you find Nemo?

Nemo, who Penelope won during a game of ball toss. Had I known she would actually get the ball into the bowl I would have distracted her away from this game.

Looking forwarded to spending Thanksgiving with family next.

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