March 06, 2013

Launching Soon!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love kitchen tools, cooking appliances, and fun kitchen gadgets. Basically anything that is related to my favorite room in the home, the kitchen! While I am not a big shopper I do love kitchen stores, in fact anytime we go on vacation if there is a kitchen store nearby you better believe I will be dragging Chris into it. With that being said I was excited when I got a sneak peak into the International Home & Housewares Show. Here are some great products for the kitchen set to launch in 2013, can't wait!

Ø KRUPS Infinity Slow Juice Extractor: KRUPS new Infinity Slow Juice Extractoroffers the continuous extraction of juice with an external jug to collect compacted pulp as it is produced. The breakthrough design of this machine features an exclusive feeding tube divided in three large tubes (1.8” for each tube) and has a silent motor. This Infinity Slow Juice Extractor has 2 stainless steel basket attachments – a finer grid basket for juicing and a courser grid basket for sauces and smoothies. The machine is 300 watts with dishwasher-safe removable parts for easy cleaning.
Ø KRUPS Personal Tea Kettle: KRUPS new Personal Tea Kettle features an internal water circulation system where water is circulated through an inside tube into the mesh tea leaf chamber, saturating the leaves for optimum information. A mesh brew basket holds loose tea leaves or a tea bag for easy clean-up. Complete with a 1 Liter capacity, angled spout for easy pouring, and a self-locking removable lid.
Ø KRUPS Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine:KRUPS is proud to announce the launch of the Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine to the U.S. market.A first of its kind, this fully automatic, one-touch machine is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, offering an absolute innovation in the world of automatic coffee machines. Inspired by professionals, the KRUPS Barista One-Touch Machine takes care of every detail with ease from start to finish - from grinding the beans to the proper fineness, frothing the milk and dispensing the brew, to cleaning the steam nozzle - all with one tap of the large, touch screen color display.
T-fal and WearEver:
Ø T-fal OptiGrill: The T-fal OptiGrill is revolutionizing indoor grilling. The innovative OptiGrill features a cooking sensor that guarantees a perfectly cooked mealevery time. The built-in sensor automatically adapts to the thickness of your food and delivers perfect doneness from rare to well-done for six different programs: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat and fish.
Ø T-fal Ice Cream Maker: Making homemade ice cream has never been so easy. With the T-fal Ice Cream Maker, at-home chefs can whip up ice cream, gelato and even frozen yogurt in just 30 minutes from their very own kitchens.
Ø WearEver CastLite Cookware: The WearEver Cast Lite Cookware collection features a Fry Pan, Square Grill, and Flat Griddle all crafted from cast aluminum. Cast aluminum offers the home cook professional-level searing and deglazing of foods, and is 50% lighter than cast iron.
Ø IMUSA Quesadilla Maker: Making quesadillas no longer need to be a messy project. The IMUSA Quesadilla Maker creates crispy, cheesy, delicious quesadillas in minutes. It melts the cheese perfectly, toasts the tortillas to a golden brown, and segments the quesadilla into convenient triangles.
Ø IMUSA Empanada Maker: The IMUSA Empanada Maker allows you to make delicious pastries in minutes and bakes them so they are healthier than the traditional fried version. Fill your dough with shredded meats and cheeses or explore sweet varieties with fruits & pie filling.
Ø IMUSA Ceramic Pans: IMUSA is bringing trend and color into the kitchen with the IMUSA Ceramic Pans, available in red purple and orange.These new PFOA & PTFE-free pans allow you to embrace a healthier approach to cooking, all while maintaining a superior nonstick surface that requires minimal oil or butter.

Ø Excalibur’s Color Series: Bringing color to the kitchen, Excalibur’s Color Series features the same reliable efficiency of Excalibur’s well-loved family of dehydrators, now in bold colors including Antique Copper, Copper, Twilight Black, Radiant Blueberry, Radiant Cherry and Radiant Raspberry. 5 and 9 tray models are available with features that include 10 year warranty, easy clean up, even dehydration, and accurate temperature controls with an adjustable thermostat. Excalibur’s units are great for families, crafts people, hunters, athletes and more and can dry fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers, herbs and raise dough.
Ø Omega’s Vert VRT400 juicer: Omega’s popular Vert masticating style juicer now just got better! Omega’s new VRT400 has all the great benefits of the Vert series of juicers with added features including a no-drip juicer tap and mixing function, as well as an auto-cleaning system that offers added convenience. Ideal for fast pace commercial environments, this juicer combines contemporary styling with the technology to cater to health conscious clientele.
Ø Omega’s Nutrition Center 9000 series juicer: Bringing versatility to the juicer category, Omega’s new Nutrition Center 9000 series is a masticating juice extractor that can turn nuts into nut butters, extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs and garlic, make baby food and whip up soy milk or almond milk. Its versatility lends itself as the go-to appliance for all-natural food preparation. The NC9000 features an adjustable end cap with 5-settings that increases the juice extraction efficiency.
Focus Products Group International:
Ø Jelly Belly Flavor Ice Shaver from West Bend: The Jelly Belly Electric Ice Shaver is a smart, portable electric appliance that makes snow cones instantly and conveniently. All you need is ice! The cone holder is removable which makes cleaning easy and simple. This portable ice shaver machine comes with two ice molds, four disposable snow cone cups and spoon straws.
Ø Chicago Metallic’s Pie Bowl Set: Chicago Metallic’s Pie Bowl set easily bakes pies into a bowl form, allowing customization and variety. Great new way to serve pie a la mode! Retail Price is $24.99 and launches in June 2013.
Ø Amco Houseworks Lunch Buddies: Amco Houseworks Lunch Buddies bring consumers the necessary gadgets for food preparation and consumption, in a to-go format. Dishwasher safe and available with a Reusable Mesh Bag For Easy Storage, items include:
o Cut/Scoop Tool: Perfect For Cutting Soft-skinned Fruits
o Pitter: Simplifies Removing The Pit From Peaches And Other Stone Fruits
o Fruit And Veggie Corer: Ideal For Removing Seeds From Fruits And Veggies
o 2 In 1 Apple Corer/Peeler
o Spork: The Famous Two-in-one Fork And Spoon Combo Is Ideal For Eating On The Go!
o Citrus Scorer: Great For Peeling Tough-skinned Citrus

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